Flight instruction

You have now reached the point where you want to learn how to fly and maintain a radio controlled (R/C) model airplane. Your choice to join the Mid-State Aeroguidance Club for this purpose is an excellent one. The Club has qualified instructors that can help you with this learning process. Also, there are many members, with years of experience, that can help you make decisions about the proper airplane and equipment to purchase for your flying enjoyment. Here is a brief run down of what your training sessions will be like:

What will the training consist of?

It is highly desirable for you to arrange a meeting with your instructor prior to arrival at the flying field. This will allow the instructor to correct any problems that would take up valuable time at the flying sessions. At this first meeting, he will inspect your plane to determine the "air-worthiness" of the plane and equipment.

At the flying field, a radio "range check" will be explained and performed for you. The proper engine starting and adjustment procedures will be demonstrated and explained. If this is the first time the plane has flown, the instructor will take the plane up and make necessary adjustments to the controls so that it is ready for flight instruction.

How about the flying program itself. What will I be taught?

The instructor will demonstrate the purpose of the sticks and their movements, and how they relate to the flight controls. The "buddy box" principle will be demonstrated and utilized if your equipment is compatible. The proper engine operation will be demonstrated and shown for reliable engine runs. Questions on this phase of operations will be answered for you. The use of the student progress sheet, and an explanation of the maneuvers will be presented to you. You will be required to present this sheet at each flying session. This will help keep track of your progress.

What will be expected of me during the lessons?

You will need to contact your instructor and make arrangements to meet him at the flying field. You will be encouraged to start and adjust the engine, make the radio range checks, and after the flight instruction, shut down the engine and properly maintain it for storage between flying sessions.

How long will it take me to learn?

Your progress will be quite fast if you can maintain a teaching session at least once a week. Some students progress more rapidly than others, but the average time to solo is usually between 10 and 20 hours of instruction time.

What are the requirements to fly at the Club field?

After your instruction period has been completed, you will be certified by your instructor to fly at the field, and then you will be required to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and also maintain a Club membership.